Breaking Through

Breaking Through (also known as Breaking Dance in Europe) is a 2015 American-English dance drama film written and directed by John Swetnam and starring Sophia Aguiar.


Casey is an average girl who has always wanted to become a famous dancer, but has never had a chance. She creates a Youtube channel and publishes dancing videos and doing tutorials to teach choreography, becoming a big hit in a short time. The girl is introduced in the celebrities world and the internet culture, giving interviews and appearing on television. But Casey discovers fame has a price and that envy goes its new way, not being able to trust even its old friends.


  • Sophia Aguiar as Casey McNamara
  • Robert Roldan as Drew
  • Jordan Rodrigues as J.J.
  • Julie Warner as Anna
  • Shaun Brown as Phillip
  • Les Twins as Larry and Laurent Jordan
  • Lindsey Stirling as Phelba
  • Taeko McCarroll as Michelle
  • Jay Ellis as Quinn
  • Taylor Locascio as Megan
  • McCarrie McCausland as Nick
  • Bruna Marquezine as Roseli
  • Marissa Heart as Tara
  • Marcus Emanuel Mitchell as Bryson Chase
  • Anitta as Herself


    Breaking Through received mostly negative reviews. Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter called it derivative. Tat Wolfen from Saturday Star wrote that it was "yet another dance movie that has nothing new to offer". Katie Walsh of the Los Angeles Times called it "a dance movie without good dancing". Monica Castillo writing in The Village Voice said it was "convoluted drama" and had " tepid routines". David Noh of Film Journal International thought it "could well rank as the blandest movie musical ever made." On the positive side Sandie Angulo Chen of Common Sense Media gave it three stars, saying the story was "both familiar and heartwarming".