Breakaway or Break Away may refer to:

Film, television and radio

  • Breakaway (1955 film), a British film
  • Breakaway (1990 film), an Australian film featuring Deborah Kara Unger
  • Breakaway (1996 film), an American film featuring Tonya Harding
  • Breakaway (2003 film), a film starring Dean Cain
  • Breakaway (2011 film), a Canadian film
  • Breakaway (game show), a British game show presented by Nick Hancock
  • "Breakaway" (Space: 1999), the opening episode of the British TV series Space: 1999
  • Breakaway (TV series), an English TV series written by Francis Durbridge
  • Breakaway PPV, a Canadian pay-per-view television provider
  • Breakaway (radio programme), a British travel programme on BBC Radio 4


  • Breakaway (cycling), a cycling term for a single rider or group of riders detaching from the peloton to advance their position in front of it
  • Breakaway (ice hockey), a situation in which there are no defenders (except for the goaltender) between an attacking player and the goal
  • Breakaway (rugby union) or flanker, a position in rugby union
  • Breakaway rim, a type of basketball hoop
  • Breakaway roping, a rodeo event

    Video gaming

  • Breakaway (2010 video game), a soccer video game
  • Breakaway (cancelled video game), a cancelled video game produced by Amazon Game Studios
  • BreakAway Games, an American video game developer


  • The Breakaways, an English female vocal trio
  • Breakaway music, a U.S. Naval tradition


  • Breakaway (Art Garfunkel album), 1975, and the title song, "Break Away" (see below)
  • Breakaway (First Choice album), 1980
  • Breakaway (Gallagher and Lyle album), 1976, and the title song (see below)
  • Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson album), 2004, and the title song (see below)
  • Breakaway (Kris Kristofferson album), a 1974 duet album by Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge
  • Breakaway, a 1991 release by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra


  • "Breakaway", by The Springfields, 1961
  • "Break Away" (Art Garfunkel song), also recorded by its writers, Gallagher and Lyle
  • "Break Away" (The Beach Boys song), 1969
  • "Breakaway" (Big Pig song), 1988
  • "Breakaway" (Donna Summer song), 1989
  • "Break Away" (Gail Davies song), 1985
  • "Breakaway" (Irma Thomas song), notably covered by Tracey Ullman
  • "Break Away" (Ivy Quainoo song), covered in 2013 by Celine Dion as "Breakaway"
  • "Breakaway" (Kelly Clarkson song), 2004
  • "Break Away (from That Boy)", a 1965 song by The Newbeats
  • "Breakaway", by Alan Parsons, from the album Try Anything Once
  • "Breakaway", by Basement Jaxx, from the album Rooty
  • "Breakaway", by Bruce Springsteen, from the album The Promise
  • "Breakaway", by Candlebox, from the album Happy Pills
  • "Breakaway", by The Cars, from the album Why Can't I Have You
  • "Breakaway", by Con Conrad, Archie Gottler, and Sidney D. Mitchell, originally from the film Fox Movietone Follies of 1929
  • "Breakaway", by George Ezra, from the album Wanted on Voyage
  • "Break Away", by Staind, from the album The Illusion of Progress
  • "Break Away", by Sturm und Drang, from the album Rock 'n Roll Children
  • "Break Away", by Subdigitals, used in the end credits of the show Code Lyoko
  • "Breakaway", by Tinchy Stryder, from the album Star in the Hood
  • "Break Away", by Tokio Hotel, from the album Scream
  • "Breakaway", by Tori Amos, from the album Native Invader
  • "Breakaway", by ZZ Top, from the album Antenna

    Other uses

  • Breakaway (biscuit), a chocolate bar produced by NestlĂ©
  • Breakaway friction, or stiction, the threshold of force required to overcome static cohesion
  • Breakaway (FIRST), the game in the 2010 FIRST Robotics Competition
  • A break away!, an 1891 painting by Australian artist Tom Roberts
  • Breakaway (dance), a 1920s dance style
  • Break Away (organization), nonprofit organization that promotes the development of quality alternative break programs
  • Breakaway Airport, an airport located in Cedar Park, Texas
  • Breakaway (Transformers), a fictional character in the Transformers universe
  • Breakaway, Queensland, a suburb of Mount Isa, Australia
  • Breakaway object, a type of theatrical property
  • Breakaway vase, a vase that is fake