Body and Soul

Body and Soul may refer to:



  • "Body and Soul" (1930 song), a 1930 popular song and jazz standard, and the title song of many of the albums listed below
  • "Body and Soul" (Anita Baker song), 1994
  • "Body and Soul", by Mai Tai


  • Body and Soul (EP), a 1984 EP by The Sisters of Mercy, or the title song
  • Body & Soul (Rick Astley album), or the title song, 1993
  • Body and Soul (Cabaret Voltaire album), 1991
  • Body and Soul (Al Cohn & Zoot Sims album), 1973
  • Body and Soul (Dexter Gordon album), 1981
  • Body and Soul (Coleman Hawkins album), 1994
  • Body and Soul (Billie Holiday album), 1957
  • Body and Soul (Joe Jackson album), 1984
  • Body and Soul (The Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra album), 1978
  • Body & Soul (Tete Montoliu album), recorded 1971 released 1983
  • Body and Soul (Jenny Morris album), or the title song, 1985
  • Body and Soul (David Murray album), 1993
  • Body and Soul (Ray Nance album), 1969
  • Body and Soul (Archie Shepp album), 1975
  • Body and Soul (Archie Shepp and Richard Davis album), 1991
  • Body & Soul, a 1989 album by Jon Gibson


  • Body and Soul (1915 film), produced by the Frohman Amusement Corporation
  • Body and Soul (1920 film), a silent film directed by Charles Swickard
  • Body and Soul (1925 film), a silent race film by Oscar B. Micheaux
  • Body and Soul (1927 film), a silent drama featuring Lionel Barrymore
  • Body and Soul (1931 film), an aviation drama starring Charles Farrell and Humphrey Bogart
  • Body and Soul (1947 film), a boxing-themed film noir starring John Garfield
  • Body and Soul (1981 film), a remake of the 1947 film, starring Leon Isaac Kennedy and Jayne Kennedy
  • Body and Soul (2000 film), another remake of the 1947 film, starring Ray Mancini


  • "Body & Soul" (House), an episode of House
  • "Body and Soul" (Star Trek: Voyager), an episode of Star Trek: Voyager
  • Body & Soul (TV miniseries), a 1993 UK drama serial starring Kristin Scott Thomas
  • Body & Soul (TV series), a 2002 American series starring Peter Strauss
  • Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy, a 2007 documentary by Alice Elliott


  • Body and Soul, a 1993 novel by Frank Conroy
  • Body+Soul, now known as Whole Living, a health and lifestyle magazine


  • Body & Soul, an American female hip-hop duo featuring Dee Barnes