Bloomingdale Church

Bloomingdale Church is a community church that emphasizes the practical application of the Bible to living today. There are three worship hours each weekend––Sat 5:30pm, Sun 8:30am, Sun 11am––as well as numerous programs for various age groups. Newcomers are always welcome.


Bloomingdale Church began as a new congregation on April 2, 1978. Several families from the Lombard Bible Church and Blanchard Alliance Church in Wheaton joined together to plant the church. Starting with five families, the church met in a local school. In the initial years, Pastor David Riemenschneider did a systematic door-to-door survey in the neighborhoods and invited people to the church. The congregation grew and moved to a building on the present five-acre parcel on Glen Ellyn Road in July 1979. The property also included a small brick farmhouse that is still a part of the church campus.

In 1984 the congregation committed to construct the present sanctuary. In 1989 the congregation added a large activity center to provide a place for the youth. The church acted as its own contractor and completed the activity center in 1990. In 1993 the congregation built a brown parsonage on the church campus. In 1995 the size of the sanctuary was doubled, and seven classrooms added, including the Solid Grounds Coffeehouse. In 2006 a third parsonage was built on the church campus, designed to host missionary families and student pastors.

On Mothers Day 2007 the Bloomingdale Church family broke ground on the Phase Four addition, providing a place for large group meetings, new children’s classrooms, elevator, library and additional parking. The 264 Coffeehouse was opened in April 2010.

Core beliefs

As a Christian & Missionary Alliance church, Bloomingdale Church adopts the denomination's core values and statement of faith. Bloomingdale is a church that believes that the Bible is truth. Bloomingdale Church's mission statement is: "Helping people know Jesus as Lord by being a worshiping, praying, learning, caring, outreaching community."

Mission Statement "The mission of Bloomingdale Church is to help people know Jesus Christ as Lord by being a worship, praying, learning, caring, and outreaching community."

The church meets for weekly worship on Saturdays and Sundays (Saturday 5:30pm, Sunday 8:30am, Sunday 11am). There are individual prayer and prayer groups; prayer is included in worship hours, classes, and home groups. There are classes for children and adults; teaching emphasizes the learning of scripture and its application. Many of the church ministries welcome non-members.