Blindman (also known in Italian as Il Pistolero Cieco, lit. "The Blind Gunfighter") is a 1971 Spaghetti Western film directed by Ferdinando Baldi and co-written and co-produced by Tony Anthony. The film's protagonist, played by Anthony, is an homage to Kan Shimozawa's Zatoichi character: a blind transient who does odd jobs and is actually a high-skilled warrior.

The film has achieved cult status over the years, mainly due to the involvement of Ringo Starr, a former member of the Beatles, in one of the roles.


A blind but deadly gunman is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their miner husbands. When he is double crossed by his friends and a Mexican bandit, he heads for Mexico to settle scores and save the women.


  • Tony Anthony as Blindman/Ciego
  • Ringo Starr as Candy
  • Lloyd Battista as Domingo
  • Magda Konopka as Sweet Mama
  • Raf Baldassarre as El General
  • Agneta Eckemyr as Pilar
  • David Dreyer as Dude
  • Marisa Solinas as Margherita
  • Gaetano Scala as Domingo Henchman
  • Franz von Treuberg as Pilar's Father
  • Carla Brait as Maid
  • John Frederick as Sheriff
  • Guido Mannari as Mexican Officer
  • Fortunato Arena as Mexican Officer
  • Salvatore Billa as Domingo Henchman
  • Renato Romano as Skunk (uncredited)
  • Tito García as Train Engineer (uncredited)
  • Allen Klein as Fat Rifleman (uncredited)
  • Mal Evans as Bearded Rifleman (uncredited)


  • Mary Badin
  • Dominque Badou
  • Shirley Corrigan
  • Giuliana Giuliani
  • Katerina Lindfelt
  • Malisa Longo
  • Alice Mannell
  • Krista Nell
  • Helen Parker
  • Elena Pedemonte
  • Janine Reynaud
  • Karin Skarreso
  • Solvi Stubing
  • Melù Valente