Black gold

Black gold or Black Gold may refer to:


  • Petroleum or crude oil
  • Black pepper
  • Colored gold

    Arts and entertainment

    Film and television

  • Black Gold (1928 film), a 1928 film produced by Norman Studios
  • Black Gold (1936 film), starring Frankie Darro
  • Black Gold (1947 film)
  • Black Gold (1962 film), an adventure film
  • Gentle Ben 2: Black Gold, a 2003 remake of Gentle Ben
  • Black Gold (2006 film), a documentary about the fair-trading of coffee beans
  • Black Gold (2011 Nigerian film), a drama
  • Black Gold (2011 Qatari film), a war film co-produced with France, Tunisia and Italy
  • Black Gold (TV series), a documentary about oil-drilling in West Texas


  • Black Gold (band), a band from Brooklyn, New York
  • Black Gold (Jimi Hendrix recordings), an unreleased Jimi Hendrix album
  • Black Gold (Nina Simone album), 1970
  • Black Gold (Kutt Calhoun album), 2013
  • Black Gold: The Best of Soul Asylum
  • Black Gold: Best of Editors
  • "Black Gold" (song), a 1993 song by Soul Asylum from Grave Dancer's Union
  • "Black Gold", a 1997 song by Millencolin from For Monkeys
  • "Black Gold", a 2005 song by Running Wild from Rogues en Vogue
  • "Black Gold", a 2006 single by The Prom Kings
  • "Black Gold", a 2010 song by Foals from Total Life Forever
  • "Black Gold", a 2012 song by Esperanza Spalding from Radio Music Society

    Video games

  • Black Gold (video game), a video game of the strategy genre released in 1989 by reLINE Software
  • World War III: Black Gold, a 2001 strategy game made by JoWood and Reality Pump
  • Black Gold Online, a 2014 steampunk MMORPG Published by Snail Games

    Other media

  • Black Gold (novel), a 1987 novel about South Africa by Anthony Sampson
  • Black Gold, a 2001 art installation by Nathaniel Mellors

    Other uses

  • Black Gold, Kentucky
  • Black Gold (horse) (1921–1928), winner of 1924's Kentucky Derby
  • Black gold (jewelry), a type of gold used in jewelry
  • Black gold (politics), a term used in the Republic of China (Taiwan) to refer to political corruption

  • Ouro Preto, city and former gold rush town in Minas Gerais, Brazil whose name means "Black Gold"