Black Rock

Black Rock, Blackrock, Black Rocks, etc. may refer to:



  • Black Rock, South Australia, a hamlet on the Black Rock Plains
  • Black Rock, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne
  • Blackrock, Queensland, a locality in Shire of Hinchinbrook
  • South Black Rock (Tasmania), an island off north-west Tasmania


  • Black Rock, Colchester County, Nova Scotia
  • Black Rock, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia
  • Black Rock, Kings County, Nova Scotia
  • Black Rock, Victoria County, Nova Scotia
  • Blackrock Mountain (Alberta), Alberta
  • Irish Commemorative Stone, also known as The Black Rock, a monument to Irish typhoid victims in Montreal


  • Blackrock, Cork, suburb of Cork city
  • Blackrock, Dublin, southern coastal suburb of Dublin city
  • Blackrock railway station, railway station serving the Dublin city suburb
  • Black Rock, Co. Limerick, mountain among the Ballyhouras
  • Blackrock, County Louth, a village
  • Blackrock Island (Mayo), rocky islet toward Blacksod Bay, County Mayo
  • Black Rock Mountain, County Wexford

    South Georgia (Southern Atlantic)

  • Black Rock, South Georgia, low rock well off Shag Rocks
  • Black Rocks, South Georgia, near Framnaes Point

    United Kingdom

  • Black Rock (Brighton and Hove), an area near Brighton Marina, South East England
  • Black Rock, a crossing of the River Severn at Portskewett, Monmouthshire
  • Black Rock Gorge, through which the Allt Graad flows in Scotland
  • Black Rocks (Derbyshire), England

    United States

  • Black Rock (West Virginia), a mountain
  • Black Rock, Arizona, wilderness area of northwest Arizona
  • Black Rock, Arkansas, city in Lawrence County
  • Black Rock, Bridgeport, Connecticut, a neighborhood
  • Black Rock Harbor, adjacent harbor in Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Black Rock, Buffalo, former town and now a neighborhood in Buffalo, New York
  • Black Rock, a pillar in Montana
  • Black Rock Desert, region of northwestern Nevada
  • Black Rock Desert volcanic field, Utah
  • Black Rock Falls, waterfall in Uvas Canyon County Park, near Morgan Hill, California
  • Black Rock Forest, nature preserve in the Hudson highlands of Orange County, New York
  • Black Rock, Indiana, an extinct community in Warren County
  • Black Rock, Millard County, Utah, a ghost town
  • Black Rock, New Mexico, a census-designated place in northwestern New Mexico
  • Black Rock, Oregon, community in Polk County
  • Black Rock Mountain State Park, near Mountain City, Georgia
  • Black Rock State Park, near Watertown, Connecticut
  • Black Rock Turnpike, a name for Connecticut State Route 58 in southwestern Connecticut
  • Black Rocks, a geological feature in the Temescal Mountains, in Riverside County, California
  • Blackrock, California, community in Inyo County, California
  • Blackrock, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community in York County, Pennsylvania


  • Black Rock Peak, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
  • Black Rocks (Saint Kitts), a notable rock formation on the northeastern coast of Saint Kitts

    Arts, entertainment, and media

    Fictional entities

  • Black Rock, a ship on the TV show Lost; see Mythology of Lost
  • Black Rock Shooter, a Japanese media franchise based on the eponymous female character
  • Blackrock (comics), an adversary of Superman's in DC Comics
  • Blackrock Mountain, a mountain in the Warcraft universe, mostly seen in World of Warcraft
  • G. B. Blackrock, a character in the Transformers comic book series


  • Black Rock (2012 film), a 2012 film starring Katie Aselton, Lake Bell, and Kate Bosworth
  • Blackrock (film), a 1997 Australian film based on the 1992 play


  • Black Rock (novel), by Steve Harris
  • Black Rock, a novel by John McFetridge
  • Blackrock (play), 1992 Australian play inspired by the real-life rape and murder of schoolgirl Leigh Leigh


  • Black Rock (band), dance production duo from France
  • Black Rock (James Blood Ulmer album), 1982
  • Black Rock (Joe Bonamassa album), 2010
  • Black rock, an alternative name for the psychedelic soul music genre

    Buildings and structures

  • Black Rock, a nickname for the CBS Building in New York City
  • Black Rock Airport, New Mexico
  • Black Rock Dam (Schuylkill River), Pennsylvania
  • Black Rock Halt railway station, near Criccieth, Wales; closed in 1976
  • Black Rock Lock, the terminal lock on the Black Rock Canal, part of the Erie Canal
  • Blackrock railway station, in Blackrock, Dublin
  • Blackrock Castle, in Blackrock, Cork
  • BlackRock Center for the Arts, in Germantown, Maryland
  • Blackrock Clinic, in Blackrock, Dublin
  • The Black Rock, a memorial to Irish typhus victims in Goose Village, Montreal

    Businesses and organisations

  • Black Rock Arts Foundation, a U.S. foundation which supports arts programs in San Francisco, California
  • Black Rock City, LLC, the U.S.-based organization behind the annual Burning Man festival
  • Black Rock Coalition, a U.S.-based organization promoting black musicians
  • Black Rock Studio, a U.K. video games developer
  • BlackRock, an American global investment management firm based in New York City
  • Blackrock College, a secondary school in Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland


  • Black Rock Football Club, Australia
  • Black Rock Yacht Club, Australia
  • Blackrock College RFC, rugby club associated with Blackrock College in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland
  • Blackrock GAA (Blackrock Gaelic Athletic Association), also known as Blackrock Hunting Club, in Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
  • Blackrock Rugby Festival, a schools' rugby festival hosted by St. Mary's School in Nairobi, Kenya

    Other uses

  • Black Rock (hen), variety of domestic chicken
  • Blackrock (geology), type of limestone