Black Hand

Black Hand or The Black Hand may refer to:

Extortionists and underground groups

  • Black Hand (anarchism) (La Mano Negra), a presumed secret, anarchist organization based in the Andalusian region of Spain during the early 1880s
  • Black Hand (extortion), an extortion racket practised by the Camorra and Mafia members in Italy and the United States
  • Black Hand (Chicago), the extortion as practised in Chicago
  • Black Hand (Mandatory Palestine) (al-Kaff al-Aswad), an Islamist militant group in the British Mandate of Palestine in the 1930s
  • Black Hand (Serbia) (Црна Рука), a secret society devoted to Serbian unification in the 1910s
  • Black Hand (Slovenia) (Črna roka), a terrorist anti-communist organization that carried out assassinations in the Slovene Lands during World War II
  • Yiddish Black Hand, a.k.a. Jewish Black Hand Association, a criminal organization that operated on New York's Lower East Side during the early 20th century


  • Black Hand (graffiti artist), Iranian street artist
  • José Manuel Martínez (born 1962), known as "El Mano Negra", former Mexican drug cartel hitman
  • Mano Negra (wrestler) (born 1951), Mexican luchador (professional wrestler)

    Art, entertainment, and media

  • Black Hand Gang, a children's comics series by Hans Jürgen Press
  • The Black Hand (book), a non-fiction book by Stephan Talty
  • Mano Negra (band), a Latin alternative, ska punk band


  • Black Hand (comics), a DC Comics supervillain
  • Black Hand (World of Darkness), fictional sect of vampires
  • Black Hand, a mercenary faction in Just Cause


  • The Black Hand (1906 film), a silent, gangster film, directed by Wallace McCutcheon Sr.
  • Black Hand (1950 film), a film noir, starring Gene Kelly as an Italian immigrant fighting the Black Hand extortion racket
  • The Black Hand (1973 film), an Italian crime film starring Lionel Stander as a cop who infiltrates the Mafia
  • The Black Hand (1917 film), a 1917 Austrian silent crime