Better may refer to:
  • "to better" as a verb, meaning to undergo betterment
  • better, an alternate spelling of bettor, someone who bets (gambles)



  • Better (Chrisette Michele album), 2013
  • Better (Brian McKnight album), 2016
  • Better (Haley Reinhart album), 2016


  • "Better" (The Screaming Jets song), 1991
  • "Better" (Brooke Fraser song), 2004
  • "Better" (Tom Baxter song)", 2007, covered by Boyzone in 2008
  • "Better" (Guns N' Roses song), 2008
  • "Better" (Maggie Rose song), 2012
  • "Better" (Kim Hyung-jun song), 2014
  • "Better" (Banks song), 2015
  • "Better" (Haley Reinhart song), 2016
  • "Better" (Meghan Trainor song), 2016
  • "Better" (Mallrat song), 2017
  • "Better" (Khalid song), 2018

  • "Better" a 1992 song by Helmet from the album, Meantime
  • "Better" a 1999 song by 8stops7 from the album, In Moderation
  • "Better", a track from the 2000 single for the Erasure song, "Freedom"
  • "Better", a 2001 song by Hoobastank from the album, Hoobastank
  • "Better", a 2005 song by Plumb from the album, Chaotic Resolve
  • "Better", a 2005 song by Sugababes from the album, Taller in More Ways
  • "Better", a 2006 song by Toby Lightman from the album, Bird on a Wire
  • "Better", a 2006 song by Regina Spektor from the album, Begin to Hope
  • "Better", a 2010 song by Où Est Le Swimming Pool from the album, The Golden Year
  • "Better", a 2012 song by Bow Wow
  • "Better", a 2012 song by K'naan from the album, Country, God or the Girl
  • "Better", a 2016 song by OneRepublic from the album, Oh My My
  • "Better", a 2018 song by Estelle from the album, Lovers Rock
  • "Better", a 2019 song by Nish from the album, Identity


  • Better (talk show), also known as The Better Show, a syndicated lifestyle talk show and television program that was an extension of the magazine Better Homes and Gardens