Benjy Hawk

Benjy Hawk is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives. He was played, on a recurring basis, by Darrell Thomas Utley from 1988 to 1990, and by Jim Lunsford in 2006 and 2007.

Character's background

Benjy is the deaf son of Stefano DiMera and Ellen Hawk. Stefano had his mother, Ellen, killed. Steve and Kayla found Benjy on their honeymoon and nearly adopted him. However he ended up living with his maternal grandfather, Orion, in Europe.

Years later, Benjy would make a brief and surprising return to Salem. Steve and Kayla Johnson were poisoned and recovering at Salem Hospital. Still unable to remember the past, Steve found himself torn between loyalty to Kayla and helping her recover, and his new feelings for Billie Reed. Steve noticed a stranger in the halls outside his recovery room; that stranger turned out to be Benjy. He had heard of the poisoning and came back to help Steve and Kayla, who were so nice to him so many years ago. Before leaving again, Benjy helped Steve remember a Christmas memory from years ago when Benjy was just a small boy. This gave Steve hope some of his other memories might return as well. Benjy then returned to Europe. Not longer after, his grandfather Orion died.

Benjy later returned to Salem with his wife, Sonja, and they had dinner with Steve and Kayla. After dinner, Benjy gave Steve the devil card, kissed him on both cheeks, and left.

It was revealed Benjy was threatened into giving Steve the tarot card by his father Stefano DiMera and half brother EJ DiMera under the threat they would kill his wife and child if he didn't.

Benjy and his family moved to Salem permanently. He was then drugged and kidnapped in order to be a liver donor for Stefano. Eventually, a homeless man found him and he was saved from dying. While recovering from his injuries, Benjy attended the mock funeral of Stefano and fired a gun multiple times into the casket. Benjy was disarmed and taken back to the hospital where it was assumed by those around him, he remained.

Benjy was later murdered by his cousin (later revealed to be his half-brother) André DiMera and placed in the coffin used in Stefano DiMera's fake funeral.

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