Belladonna or Bella Donna may refer to:


  • Atropa belladonna, or deadly nightshade
  • Amaryllis belladonna, also known as the belladonna lily, a flowering plant

    Print media

  • Belladonna (novel), a 2008 fantasy novel by Anne Bishop
  • Bella Donna (novel), a 1909 novel by Robert Hichens
  • Belladonna Series, stylized as Belladonna*, an American nonprofit poetry publisher and collaborative organization

    Film and theatre

  • Bella Donna, a 1912 play by J. B. Fagan based on the Hichens novel
  • Bella Donna (1915 film), based on the play by J. B. Fagan
  • Bella Donna (1923 film), starring Pola Negri, a remake of the 1915 film
  • Bella Donna (1934 film), a British film directed by Robert Milton, based on the play by J. B. Fagan
  • Bella Donna (1983 film), from Germany
  • Belladonna (2015 film), directed by Dubravka Turić
  • Belladonna of Sadness, a 1973 film, also known as Belladonna


  • Belladonna (band), from Italy


  • Belladonna (album), by Daniel Lanois, 2005
  • Belladonna, by Ian Carr, 1972
  • Bella Donna (album), by Stevie Nicks, 1981


  • "Belladonna", by John Cooper Clarke from the 1980 album Snap, Crackle & Bop
  • "Belladonna", by the Legendary Pink Dots from the 1991 album The Maria Dimension
  • "Belladonna", by Madrugada from the 1999 album Industrial Silence
  • "Belladonna", by Siouxsie and the Banshees from the 1984 album Hyæna
  • "Belladonna", by UFO from the 1976 album No Heavy Petting
  • "Belladonna", by Andreas Vollenweider from the 1983 album Caverna Magica
  • "Bella Donna", by The Avett Brothers from the 2008 EP The Second Gleam
  • "Bella Donna", by Kosheen from the 2012 album Independence
  • "Bella Donna (Beautiful Lady)", written by Harry B. Smith and somehow associated with the 1923 silent film Bella Donna
  • "Bella, Bella Donna", a single by René Carol, 1953
  • "Belladonna", by Ra Ra Riot from the 2019 album Superbloom


  • Belladonna (actress) (born 1981), American pornographic actress


  • Giorgio Belladonna (1923–1995), bridge player
  • Joey Belladonna (born 1960), vocalist for the band Anthrax and his solo project Belladonna


  • Bella Donna (comics), either of two Marvel comic book characters
  • Bella Donna, a lioness in "The Hunting Ground", an episode of Kimba the White Lion
  • Belladonna, a demonic canine in All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series and An All Dogs Christmas Carol
  • Blake Belladonna, a character in the web series RWBY