Believe may refer to:

  • Belief, a psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true, with or without proof for such proposition
  • Faith, a belief in something which has not been proven

    Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Believe, a 2000 horror film starring Ben Gazzara
  • Believe, a 2000 short film starring James Roday
  • Believe (2007 film), a mockumentary film starring Larry Bagby
  • Believe (2013 film), a sports drama film starring Brian Cox
  • Believe (2016 film), a Christmas drama film starring Ryan O'Quinn
  • Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story, a 2009 documentary about Eddie Izzard
  • Justin Bieber's Believe, a 2013 concert film starring Justin Bieber



  • Believe (33Miles album), 2009
  • Believe (Cher album), or the title song (see below), 1998
  • Believe (Dima Bilan album), or the title song (see below), 2009
  • Believe (Disturbed album), or the title song, 2002
  • Believe (Emerson Drive album), or the title song, 2009
  • Believe (Girlschool album), 2004
  • Believe (Jai McDowall album), 2011
  • Believe (The Jets album), 1989
  • Believe (Justin Bieber album), or the title song, 2012
  • Believe (Katherine Jenkins album), 2009
  • Believe (Th' Legendary Shack Shakers album), 2004
  • Believe (Morgan Page album), or the title song, 2010
  • Believe (Natalie Grant album), 2005
  • Believe (Orianthi album), or the title song, originally by Niels Brinck (see below), 2009
  • Believe (Savatage album), or the title song (see below), 1998
  • Believe (Yolanda Adams album), 2001
  • Believe (Celtic Woman album), 2011
  • Believe, by Big Dismal, 2003
  • Believe, by Carlo Resoort (recording as 4 Strings), 2002
  • Believe, by Eunice Olsen, 2004
  • Believe, by George Nozuka, 2007
  • Believe, by Harem Scarem, Japanese title for Karma Cleansing, 1997
  • Believe, by Katie Armiger, 2008
  • Believe, by Laurent Véronnez, 2002
  • Believe, by Ross Copperman, 2003


  • Believe (Gyidi EP), 2018
  • Believe (Versailles EP), 2005
  • Believe, an EP by Indecision


  • "Believe" (The Bravery song), 2007
  • "Believe" (Brooks & Dunn song), 2005
  • "Believe" (The Chemical Brothers song), 2005
  • "Believe" (Cher song), 1998
  • "Believe" (Crystal Waters song), 2016
  • "Believe" (Dima Bilan song), winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008
  • "Believe" (Elton John song), 1994
  • "Believe" (Goldie song), 1998
  • "Believe" (Josh Groban song), from the film The Polar Express, 2004
  • "Believe" (Kalafina song), 2014
  • "Believe" (Lenny Kravitz song), 1993
  • "Believe" (Luna Sea song), 1993
  • "Believe" (Meek Mill song), 2020
  • "Believe" (Misia song), 1999
  • "Believe" (Mumford & Sons song), 2015
  • "Believe" (Nami Tamaki song), 2003
  • "Believe" (Staind song), 2008
  • "Believe" (Suzie McNeil song), 2007, from Broken & Beautiful
  • "Believe / Kumorinochi, Kaisei", a single by Arashi, 2009
  • "Believe Again" (Niels Brinck song), covered as "Believe" by Orianthi, 2009
  • "Believe", by Aiden from Conviction
  • "Believe", by Alexandra Burke from The Truth Is
  • "Believe", by The All-American Rejects from When the World Comes Down
  • "Believe", by All Things New from The Good News
  • "Believe", by Amen Dunes from Freedom
  • "Believe", by Antiloop
  • "Believe", by Big K.R.I.T. from K.R.I.T. Iz Here
  • "Believe", by Blue October UK from Incoming
  • "Believe", by Branden Steineckert, club anthem for Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer
  • "Believe", by Breaking Benjamin from We Are Not Alone
  • "Believe", by Carola Häggkvist
  • "Believe", by DB Boulevard
  • "Believe", by Dig
  • "Believe", by Eminem from Revival
  • "Believe", by Flickerstick from Causing a Catastrophe
  • "Believe", by Folder 5
  • "Believe", by Hollywood Undead from Notes from the Underground
  • "Believe", by Ian Van Dahl from Lost & Found
  • "Believe", by Julian Lennon from Photograph Smile
  • "Believe", by Justin Bieber from Believe
  • "Believe", by K's Choice from Cocoon Crash
  • "Believe", by Kalafina
  • "Believe", by Miliyah Kato
  • "Believe", by Nidji from Breakthru'
  • "Believe", by Nightmare from Ultimate Circus
  • "Believe", by Psycho Motel from Welcome to the World
  • "Believe", by Savatage from Streets: A Rock Opera
  • "Believe", by Shawn Mendes from the soundtrack to Descendants
  • "Believe", by Skillet Awake
  • "Believe", by Since October from Life, Scars, Apologies
  • "Believe", by The Smashing Pumpkins from Judas O
  • "Believe", originally by Savatage, rerecorded by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their album Night Castle
  • "Believe", by Travis Garland
  • "Believe", by Uriah Heep from Into the Wild
  • "Believe", by Yellowcard from Ocean Avenue
  • "Believe", from The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • "Believe (Waiting for an Answer)", by The Afters from Life is Beautiful


  • Believe Tour, by Justin Bieber
  • Do You Believe? (tour), by Cher, also known as Believe Tour


  • "Believe", a Shamu show at three SeaWorld parks
  • Believe... There's Magic in the Stars, a fireworks display at Disneyland
  • Criss Angel Believe, a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas

    Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • Believe (TV series), a 2014 science fantasy series
  • "Believe", a marketing campaign for the video game Halo 3

    Other uses

  • Believe (fragrance), a fragrance by Britney Spears