Bad Boys

Bad Boys may refer to:


  • Bad Boys (1961 film), a Japanese film by Susumu Hani
  • Bad Boys (1983 film), an American crime drama starring Sean Penn
  • Bad Boys (franchise), the American action-comedy series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it consists of:
  • Bad Boys (1995 film)
  • Bad Boys II, a 2003 sequel to the film
  • Bad Boys for Life, a 2020 sequel to the film
  • Bad Boys (soundtrack), a soundtrack album from the 1995 film
  • Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, a 2004 video game based on the sequel
  • Bad Boys (2003 film), a Finnish crime drama starring Peter FranzĂ©n
  • Bad Boys, a 2003 Indian Hindi film starring Rakhi Sawant


  • Bad Boys (Baccara album), or the title song, 1981
  • Bad Boys (DeBarge album), 1987
  • Bad Boys (Haywire album), 1986
  • "Bad Boys" (Alexandra Burke song), 2009
  • "Bad Boys" (Inner Circle song), 1987, used as the theme song of the TV show Cops and in the 1995 film of the same name
  • "Bad Boys" (Roxus song), 1991
  • "Bad Boys" (Wham! song), 1983
  • "Bad Boys" (Zara Larsson song), 2013
  • "Bad Boys", a song by Shyne from Shyne
  • "Bad Boys", a song by Whitesnake from Whitesnake
  • "Bad Boys", a song by Victoria Justice from Victorious 3.0
  • "Bad Boys", a song by Geetha Madhuri and Priya Himesh from Businessman''

    Other uses

  • Bad Boys (basketball), a nickname for the 1980-1994 Detroit Pistons of the NBA
  • Bad Boys (manga), a manga series by Hiroshi Tanaka
  • Bad Boys (poetry collection), a 1980 book by Sandra Cisneros
  • Bad Boys, a Japanese owarai duo who host the variety show AKBingo!