Back to Back

Back to Back or back-to-back may refer to:



  • [ ¬®Back To Back¬®](Artist/Group/Band) is a Swedish Alternative Pop/Rock-band based in Stockholm. Their debut singel is released in 2020. Rami Faddaoui Founder - bass/ Oscar Magnusson drums/ Vincent Crafoord lead vocal.


  • "Back to Back" (Drake song), 2015
  • "Back to Back" (Jeanne Pruett song), 1979
  • "Back to Back", a song by Pretty Maids from the 1984 album Red Hot and Heavy
  • "Back to Back", a song by Deep Purple from the 2005 album Rapture of the Deep


  • Back to Back: Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges Play the Blues, a 1959 album by Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges
  • Back to Back (The Mar-Keys and Booker T. & the M.G.'s album), 1967
  • Back to Back (Status Quo album), 1983
  • Back to Back (Heard Ranier Ferguson album), 1987
  • Back to Back (Brecker Brothers album), 1976
  • Back to Back, a 1965 album by The Righteous Brothers
  • Back to Back, a 1996 album by Lee Greenwood
  • Back to Back: Raw & Uncut, a 2008 album by Method Man and Streetlife


  • Back to Back (1996 film), a 1996 film starring Michael Rooker and Ryo Ishibashi
  • Back to back film production, the practice of making two films as a unified production


  • Back-to-back connection, two types of direct connections in telecommunications or a type of connection in electric power transmission
  • Back-to-back home runs, home runs hit by consecutive batters in baseball
  • Back-to-back house, a form of terraced house, common in Victorian English inner city areas, in which two houses share a rear wall
  • Birmingham Back to Backs, the last surviving court of back-to-back houses in Birmingham, England
  • Back-to-back life sentences, a judicial practice where a felon is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison
  • Back to back ticketing, a booking ploy used by travelers in commercial aviation to lower the costs of flying to a desired destination
  • Back-to-back user agent, the user agent to both ends of a Session Initiation Protocol call
  • "Back to Back", the nickname of American professional poker player Layne Flack