Babyface or Baby Face can refer to:


  • Lester Joseph Gillis a.k.a. Baby Face Nelson, an infamous 1930s bank robber
  • Roosevelt "Baby Face" Willette (1933–1971), an American hard bop and soul-jazz musician
  • "Baby Face", Jimmy McLarnin (1907–2004), two-time welterweight boxing world champion
  • "Baby Face", the Baldwin DR-4-4-15 locomotive

    In music

  • Babyface (musician), real name Kenneth Edmonds, an American R&B and pop songwriter, record producer and singer
  • "Baby Face" (song), 1926 song with music by Harry Akst and lyrics by Benny Davis, sung by Jan Garber the same year
  • "Babyface" (song), a song by U2
  • Babyface, rhythm guitarist for Thee Faction
  • "Baby Face", a song by Jolin Tsai for the 2000 album Show Your Love
  • Babyface, the former name of rock band Axe (band)

    Fictional characters

  • Baby-Face Finster, a criminal disguised as a baby in the Merrie Melodies animated short film Baby Buggy Bunny
  • Babyface, a character in the movie Toy Story
  • Baby Face Finlayson, a character in the British comic The Beano
  • Baby Face, a character in the video game Dynamite Headdy
  • Babyface Beagle, one of the Beagle Boys from the Scrooge McDuck universe
  • Baby Face Gang, a literally baby-faced gang boss from the television series Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • Baby Face, a character in the movie The Hills Run Red from 2009

    Other uses

  • Baby Face (film), a 1933 film starring Barbara Stanwyck
  • Baby Face (toy), an American brand of baby dolls that were manufactured by Galoob in 1990–1991
  • Face (professional wrestling), or babyface, a wrestler or character who is portrayed as a "good guy"
  • A face displaying cuteness
  • A face displaying neoteny