Babel is a name used in the Hebrew Bible for the city of Babylon.

Babel may also refer to:

Tower of Babel

  • Tower of Babel, Biblical account
  • Tower of Babel (disambiguation), various artistic and written works deriving from the Biblical account


  • Babylon, Mesopotamia itself
  • Babel, Carmarthenshire, a village in Wales
  • Babel, an abbreviation for Bangka Belitung, a province in Indonesia
  • Babel, Khuzestan, a village in Iran
  • The Babil Governorate in Iraq (named after Babylon) is sometimes transliterated as "Babel"
  • Babel Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • Babel River, Alaska, United States
  • Mount Babel (Alberta), Canada
  • Mount Babel (Quebec), Canada


  • Babel (surname)
  • Babels, a volunteer translators network


  • Babel, novel by John Cournos 1922
  • Babel, novel by Alan Burns (author) 1969
  • Babel (book), by Patti Smith
  • Babel, book by Zygmunt Bauman and Ezio Mauro 2016
  • Babel (newspaper), an Iraqi newspaper
  • Babel (magazine), a magazine about linguistics
  • Babel, a journal produced by the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations
  • Babel, a journal published by the International Federation of Translators
  • Babel-17, a science fiction novel by Samuel R. Delany in which the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is strongly influential
  • The Library of Babel, a short story by Jorge Luis Borges

    Film, television and entertainment

  • Babel (film), a 2006 film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
  • Babel (TV series), a 2019 South Korean television series

    Star Trek

  • "Babel" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Babel (planet), a neutrally aligned planet in the fictional Star Trek universe
  • "Babel One", an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
  • "Journey To Babel", an episode of ''Star Trek' (The Original Series)

    Technology and science

  • 5808 Babel', a minor planet
  • Babel, a Turbo CD role-playing game released by Nippon Telenet
  • Babel, an open source collection of utilities (toolset) for internationalizing and localizing Python applications
  • Babel (transcompiler), a JavaScript transcompiler
  • Babel (protocol), a routing protocol for wired, wireless, and hybrid IP mesh networks
  • Babel Fish (website), an automated bilingual dictionary lookup service for words and phrases
  • Babel Middleware, open-source middleware for scientific computing
  • GPSBabel, GPS file format conversion software
  • OpenBabel, open-source chemical modeling software


  • Babel, cantata for reciter, male chorus & orchestra by Igor Stravinsky, 1944
  • Babel Label, a British record label
  • Babel Fish (band), a Norwegian band who got their name from the Douglas Adams books


  • Babel (D*Note album), 1993
  • Babel (soundtrack), Gustavo Santaolalla, the soundtrack album from the 2006 film
  • Babel (Mumford & Sons album), a 2012 album by Mumford & Sons, or its title track (see below)
  • Babel, album by German electronic musician Klaus Schulze, 1987
  • Babel, Banda Pau Brasil 1997
  • Babel, album by Hughes de Courson 2008
  • Babel, album by Gabriel Yacoub 1997
  • Babel, album by Philip Catherine 1980


  • "Babel" (song), the title track of the aforementioned album by Mumford & Sons
  • "Babel", a song from the album Heligoland by Massive Attack