B21 (band)

B21 comprises brothers Bally and Bhota Jagpal. The duo — originally a trio with Jassi Sidhu, who left the band in 2002 — take their name from the Handsworth postcode in Birmingham, England.


"Darshan", which was featured in Bend It Like Beckham and included on the film's soundtrack album and on the album Made in England.

Solo albums by Bally Jagpal


  • 2003 UK Asian Music Awards (UKAMA) London
  • Best Band B21 (Bhota Jagpal & Bally Jagpal)
  • 2000 Asian Pop Awards (Bimingham)
  • Best Selling Album Dark & Dangerous (Bally Jagpal)
  • Best Song Aja Soneya (Bally Jagpal)
  • 1999 Toor Films International Awards
  • Best Music Producer Bally Jagpal
  • 1998 Movie Box Records (Birmingham)
  • Exceeding Sales Of 25,000 B21
  • 1998 Movie Pageant Awards (London)
  • Best Newcomers B21
  • Best Selling Album Live and Direct (Bally Jagpal)
  • 1998 Student Poll Awards (Leicester)
  • Best Newcomers B21
  • Best Album B21
  • 1998 Pop Awards (Birmingham)
  • Best Newcomers B21
  • Best Up-coming B21
  • Best Song Bally Jagpal ("Nakhre Bin Soni Temi")