Assam Lemon

Assam Lemon, also known as Nemu Tenga in Assamese, are cultivars of lemon, namely 'Gol Nemu' and 'Kaji Nemu', which are found and cultivated in the Indian state of Assam. These lemons are an important part of Assamese cuisine. The botanical name of Assam Lemon is Citrus limon.

Assam lemons are used for preparing refreshing drinks and pickles as well as garnishing curry and other dishes.


Gol Nemu

Gol Nemu is similar to the other lemons found in India. It is round and large. It is sweeter than other lemons and Kaji Nemu. When the lemon ripes, its colour changes to yellow and it becomes sweeter.

Kaji Nemu

Kaji Nemu is other variety of this lemon and is elongated and oblong. This lemon has more juice than Gol Nemu. It is popular in Assam and is associated with Assamese cuisine. It is as large as Gol Nemu and also turns yellow during ripening.