Ashanti may refer to:
  • Ashanti Empire, a pre-colonial West African state in what is now southern Ghana
  • Ashanti language or Asante, a literary dialects of the Akan language of southern Ghana
  • Ashanti people, an ethnic group, the natives of Ashanti Region
  • Ashanti Region, a region within Ghana
  • Ashanti (Crown Colony), a United Kingdom colony 1901-1957 in what’s now Ghana
  • Ashanti (singer) (born 1980), American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Ashanti (album)
  • Ashanti (1979 film), an American film
  • Ashanti (1982 film), an Indian film
  • HMS Ashanti (F51), a Tribal-class destroyer launched in 1937
  • HMS Ashanti (F117), a Tribal-class frigate launched in 1959

    People with the given name

  • Ashanti Alston (born 1954), former Black Panther Party member