Arkansas Highway 308

Highway 308 (AR 308, Ark. 308, and Hwy. 308) is a designation for two east–west state highways in the Arkansas Delta region of eastern Arkansas. One segment of 6.21 mi runs east from U.S. Route 63 Business (US 63B) in Marked Tree to the Marked Tree Municipal Airport. A second route of 10.94 mi begins at Highway 118 at Whitton and runs east to US 61 at Frenchman's Bayou. Both routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Route description

Marked Tree to Spear Lake

The route runs north from US 63B in Marked Tree. The route turns east and runs to Spear Lake to terminate at Highway 135.

Whitton to Frenchman's Bayou

Highway 308 begins at Highway 118 and runs south to Birdsong. The route then turns north to concur with Highway 77 briefly. AR 308 continues east to cross Interstate 55 before terminating at US 61 in Frenchman's Bayou.


The segment between Marked Tree and Highway 135 was adopted as a state highway by the Arkansas State Highway Commission on April 24, 1963. The spur route to the Marked Tree Municipal Airport was added to the system on June 24, 1970, and the business route was created on March 28, 1973.

The highway between Highway 118 and Birdsong was designated a state highway on April 25, 1973, with an extension to Frenchman's Bayou on February 27, 1974.

Major intersections

Special routes

Marked Tree spur

Arkansas Highway 308 Spur is a 0.1 mi spur route north of Marked Tree.

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Marked Tree business route

Arkansas Highway 308 Business, colloquially Elm Street, is a business route in Marked Tree. It is 1.3 mi in length.

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