Antec, Inc. is a Taiwan-based maker of personal computer (PC) components and consumer tech products. Antec's principal products are computer cases and power supplies. Antec also offers PC cooling products, notebook accessories, and a line of Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P.) which includes Bluetooth speakers, headphones, portable batteries, and charging hubs.
  • Computer cooling products

    Antec Mobile Products (a.m.p)

    In October 2012, Antec launched Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Antec that includes consumer electronic products designed in California. The new product range includes a line of Bluetooth audio devices, USB-powered battery packs and mobile chargers with clean and modern design features.

    Console Gaming

    Antec entered the console gaming sector with the X-1 Cooler for the Xbox One in 2015 which received positive reviews. The cooler prevents the console from over-heating while in use and helps preserve the lifespan of the console.

    P180 Case

    In 2005, Antec launched the P180 case which changed the PC case industry. The case was well-designed in terms of aesthetics and performance. It provided a sleek look while providing great thermal ventilation and a super quiet system. In June 2018, Antec introduced four new chassis break covers named as, P5, P100Evo, Antec krypton and project X.