Anica Bošković

Anica Bošković (1714 in Republic of Ragusa – 13 August 1804 in Ragusa) was a Ragusan writer. She wrote a pastoral song and translated from the Italian language. Educated by Jesuits, Christian themes permeate her work. Hers was one of the first important women's names in Ragusan literature. The Dialogue (1758), was the first and sole literary work written by a female author in the literature of Ragusa.

Bošković was born in Ragusa on November 3 or December 3, 1714, the youngest of nine children. Her parents were Paula Bettera, daughter of an Italian wealthy family, and Nikola Bosković, a Bosnian dealer originally from Orahov Do. Her brother Roger Joseph Boscovich was a notable physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest, and a polymath, and her other brothers, the Latinist Baro Bošković and the poet Petar Bošković, contributed to Ragusan culture. Bosković's contemporaries were Marija Bettera-Dimitrović, Lukrecija Bogašinović and Dositej Obradović.