Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross may refer to:

  • Andrew Ross (sociologist) (born 1956), professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University
  • Andrew Ross (businessman) (1857–1941), Canadian businessman
  • Andrew Ross (footballer, born 1878) (1878–?), Scottish footballer
  • Andrew Ross (footballer, born 1988), Scotland-born Virgin Islander footballe
  • Andrew Ross (rugby union) (1879–1916), Scotland rugby player, played for Royal High School FP and Scotland
  • Andrew Ross (rugby player) (1904–?), Scottish rugby player, played for Kilmarnock RFC, Scotland and the British Lions
  • Andrew Ross (Australian politician) (1829–1910), New South Wales politician
  • Andrew Ross (medical doctor) (born c. 1960), South African doctor specialising in family medicine
  • Andrew Ross (minister) (1931–2008), Scottish minister, missionary and academic
  • Andy Ross (born 1979), American musician
  • Andrew Ross (artist) (born 1989), American sculptor