Andrei Mozalev

Andrei Mikhailovich Mozalev ( Андрей Михайлович Мозалёв , born 24 March 2003) is a Russian figure skater. He is the 2019 CS Warsaw Cup champion, 2020 World Junior champion and the winner of three ISU Junior Grand Prix events (2019 JGP Latvia, 2019 JGP Croatia, 2018 JGP Czech Republic).

Personal life

Mozalev was born on 24 March 2003 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Early years

Mozalev began learning to skate in 2008. He is coached by Kirill Davydenko.

2016–2017 season

In November 2016 Mozalev made his international junior level debut at the 2016 Volvo Open Cup where he won the gold medal. Three weeks later he won another gold medal at the 2016 NRW Trophy.

2017–2018 season

In November 2017 Mozalev won his third international gold medal at the 2017 Tallinn Trophy.

At the 2018 Russian Junior Championships Mozalev finished seventeenth. He ranked fourth in the short program but was last (eighteenth) in the free skate.

2018–2019 season

In late September 2018 Mozalev made his Junior Grand Prix debut in Ostrava, Czech Republic where he won the gold medal. He ranked second in the short program but won the free skate and outscored the silver medalist, Camden Pulkinen, by a margin of about five points. At his second JGP event of the season he placed sixth in Yerevan, Armenia.

2019–2020 season

In early September 2019 Mozalev won his second JGP gold medal at the 2019 JGP event in Riga, Latvia. He ranked first in both the short program and the free skate and scored his personal best score of 223.72 points. He outscored the silver medalist, South Korean Lee Si-hyeong, by about five points. Mozalev won his second event in Croatia, and was the only man to win both of his events in the season. Competing on the senior level, he won gold at the 2019 CS Warsaw Cup.

Qualifying in first position to the 2019–20 JGP Final, he placed first in the short program. Second in the free skate, he won the silver medal behind Shun Sato. He attributed a fall on his triple Axel to difficulty maintaining focus in the second half of his program.

At the 2020 Russian Championships, Mozalev placed second in the short program, only half a point behind leader Makar Ignatov. A ninth-place free skate with two quad errors and a fall on a double Axel dropped him to fifth place overall. Mozalev's coach subsequently said he had taken ill. Competing at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics, Mozalev won the silver medal in the men's event and a bronze medal in the team event.

Following a bronze medal finish at the Russian Junior Championships, Mozalev was assigned to one of Russia's three men's berths at the 2020 World Junior Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. He placed narrowly second in the short program, behind Youth Olympic champion Yuma Kagiyama. Mozalev then won the free skate, his only error being a hand down on one triple Axel attempt, and won the title.


Competitive highlights

CS: Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

Detailed results

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