Anders Nilsen (musician)

Anders Nilsen (Stavanger, (born June 23, 1988) is a Norwegian songwriter and music producer who became known with his dance tunes with a humorous touch.

In 2013 he got a large following on the "Vine" app where he made 6 second songs, which later resulted in him being cast for a SNL like tvshow called "Torsdag Kveld Fra Nydalen".

It was however with his hit "Salsa Tequila", an attempt to write a song in Spanish without actually knowing to speak Spanish (No hablo Español, as he says in the single's lyrics) that he gained fame and an international dance hit that has charted in Norway, Netherlands and Belgium.

Since January 2014, he worked on various TV shows as a writer/performer like Tabu med Abu, Torsdag Kveld Fra Nydalen & Senkveld Med Thomas & Harald. From May 2017 he started focusing full time on writing and producing for other artists.




  • Ezzari - "Dør for deg"
  • Staysman & Lazz - "Om 100 år er allting glemt"
  • Katastrofe - "Olav Thon"
  • Pete Mello - "Kom med Mig"
  • Pete Mello - "Side om Side"
  • Zadeking and SnowBoyz- "Ingen er bedre enn meg"
  • Sandra Lyng and Vidar Villa- "Når julen kommer"

  • Morgan Sulele featuring Black O -"Noora"
  • ZadeKing - "Kumbaya"
  • Ezzari - "Ikke Ring meg, jeg ringer deg"
  • Ezzari - "Casablanca"
  • Ezzari and Kald Flamme - Ezzari and Kald Flamme - "Isbjørn"
  • Kald Flamme and Ezzari - "Jaja (oui oui si si eywa)"
  • Alexandra Joner - "Chico"
  • Serlina- "Digger deg"
  • eMMa - "Fått Deg på Hjernen"
  • Mads Hansen- "Sommerkroppen" (Peaked at #1 on VG-lista for 8 consecutive weeks)
  • Elly Ekko - "Ring Meg Etter Midnatt"