Anamorph (disambiguation)

The word anamorph and its derivates may mean:


  • Anamorph, an asexual part of the life cycle of fungi in the phyla Ascomycota and Basidiomycota, often mold-like.
  • Anamorphic, characterized by an anamorph or to an abnormal change giving the appearance of a different species as in the case of fungi or lichens
  • Anamorphosis (biology), a limited type of metamorphosis in which an arthropod adds extra body segments during ecdysis, while retaining the same general form and habits

    Art and film

  • Anamorph (film), a 2007 film by Henry S. Miller
  • Anamorphosis, a distorted image where the viewer must use special devices or be in a specific place to see the image undistorted
  • An anamorphic image is an image so made
  • Anamorphic format, in cinematography, stretching a widescreen picture to fit on standard 35 mm film
  • Anamorphic widescreen, in DVD manufacture, is horizontally squeezing a widescreen image so it can be stored in a standard 4:3 aspect ratio DVD image frame
  • Anamorphosis (EP), an album by the Norwegian black metal band Drottnar

    Computer science

  • Anamorphism, a concept from functional programming grounded in category theory that denotes a morphism from a coalgebra to the final coalgebra for that endofunctor