Americo (or Américo) is a Portuguese- and Spanish-language given name, occasionally used as a surname and in other cultures. It is a variant of the name Henry.

People with the name include:

Arts and entertainment

  • Américo (born 1977), a Chilean singer
  • Americo Boschetti (born 1951), a Puerto Rican musician
  • Américo Castilla, an Argentine artist
  • Américo Elísio, literary pseudonym of Brazilian statesman and scientist José Bonifácio de Andrada
  • Americo Garcia, member of the electronic music duo Boombox Cartel
  • Américo Hoss (1914–1990), a Hungarian-Argentine cinematographer
  • Americo Makk (1927–2015), a Hungarian-American artist
  • Americo Paredes (1915–1999), a Mexican-American author
  • Americo Sbigoli (died 1822), an Italian singer
  • Pedro Américo (1843–1905), a Brazilian painter, politician, and scientist

    Politics and government

  • Américo Boavida (1923–1968), an Angolan physician and activist
  • Américo Brasiliense de Almeida Melo (1833–1896), a Brazilian politician
  • Américo António Cuononoca, an Angolan anthropologist and politician
  • Américo Ghioldi (1899–1985), an Argentine educator and activist
  • Americo Santiago (born 1951), an American politician
  • Américo Tomás (1894–1987), a Portuguese naval officer and politician


  • Américo Astete (born 1967), an Argentine alpine skier
  • Américo Bonetti (1928–1999), an Argentine boxer
  • Américo Fernandes (1899–?), a Brazilian rower
  • Américo Gallego (born 1955), an Argentine footballer
  • Américo González (footballer), a Salvadoran footballer
  • Américo González (pentathlete) (born 1925), an Uruguayan modern pentathlete
  • Américo Lopes (born 1933), a Portuguese footballer
  • Américo Montanarini (1917–1994), a Brazilian basketball player
  • Américo Martins Pereira Júnior (born 1993), a Brazilian footballer
  • Américo Pereira da Silva, a Portuguese footballer
  • Américo Rocca (born 1952), a Mexican wrestler
  • Américo Ruffino (1905–1988), an Argentine footballer
  • Americo Santos (born 1983), a Mexican boxer
  • Américo Tesoriere (1899–1977), an Argentine footballer
  • Ben Bedini (1921–2008), an American baseball player, born Americo Bendini
  • Edu (footballer, born 1949), a Brazilian footballer, born Jonas Eduardo Américo
  • Mertz Mortorelli (1921–1985), an American football coach, born Americo Mortorelli
  • Rick Sapienza (born 1936), an American football player, born Americo Sapienza
  • Rico Petrocelli (born 1943), an American baseball player, born Americo Petrocelli
  • Thomas Americo (1958–1999), an East Timorese boxer

    Other fields

  • Américo Amorim (1934–2017), a Portuguese industrialist
  • Américo Castro (1885–1972), a Spanish cultural historian
  • Américo Henriques (1923–2006), a Portuguese Catholic bishop