Amanhã : revista popular de orientação racional (Portuguese for "Tomorrow: The People's Review on Rational Orientation") was a review headed by Grácio Ramos and Pinto Quartim. Six issues were published in Lisbon, Portugal in 1909 from 1 June to 15 August. It was classified as an anarchist review. Made up of important collection of progressive ideas at the start of the century, it addressed liberal themes of the time including divorce, free pedagogue, atheism, and the new orthography, the 1911 Orthography Agreement which was enacted two years later.

Contributors who published in the review included António Altavila, Augusto Casimiro, Bento Faria, Coriolano Leite, Dikran Elamssian, Elisée Reclus, Emílio Costa, José Bacelar, Pyotr Kropotkin, Manuel Ribeiro, Pinto Quartim (head of the review), Tomás da Fonseca, Deolinda Lopes Vieira and Angelo Jorge.