All You Pretty Girls

"All You Pretty Girls" is a song written by Andy Partridge of the English rock band XTC, released on their 1984 album The Big Express. It peaked at number 55 on the UK Singles Chart, and its music video cost £33,000 to make. Partridge remembers that song came about while he was "dicking around, playing some Hendrix. ... I was just playing this little two-note, quasi-Hendrix thing, and I liked the inherent melody in it." The chorus was adapted from the English folk tune "Uncle Bernard's Polka."

With the exception of the opening, all the drum sounds in the recording were made with a LinnDrum. The choir sounds were a Mellotron sample played out of a speaker inside a fire bucket.


  • Dave Gregory – keyboards
  • Colin Moulding
  • Andy Partridge Additional personnel
  • Pete Phipps – drums