Alexander Artemiev

Alexander Artemiev (Chuvash and Артемьев Александр Спиридонович ; 14 Sept 1924 - 5 August 1998.), was a Chuvash poet, prose writer, translator and critic.


Artemiev attended secondary school in the Shtanashi village of Chuvashia. He enlisted in the Red Army as a private, and then became a junior commander during the Eastern Front of World War II, as well as for the later Soviet-Japanese War. He was wounded three times during his service, and was awarded many medals.

After demobilization, he worked managing a log hut-reading room in his native village, becoming responsible secretary of magazines "Yalav"(Ялав) and "Tavan Atal". He also participated in distance learning from the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, studying and publishing poetry. Among his most popular works are: «Ах, пĕлесчĕ» (Ah to know), «Çуралнă ҫӗршыв» (the Darling party), and «Салампи юрри» (Salampi's song). Alexander Artemyev also translated some of Alexander Pushkin's, Mikhail Lermontov's and Ivan Turgenev's works into the Chuvash language.

Well-known works

  • «Суйласа илнисем», икĕ томлă, (Selected works, in 2 volumes) 1986);
  • «Юлашки юрă» (Final song) (1981);
  • «Салампи» - Salampee(1956, 1960, 1966, 1983);


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