Alexa (name)

Alexa is a female form of Alex. It is variously a given name in its own right or a short form of Alexandra, both of which come from the Greek, Alexandros. It can be broken down into alexo meaning "to defend" and ander, meaning "man"' making both Alexa and Alexandra mean defender of man. Also if the name is "Aleksa" its spelling like Alexa but "Aleksa" is a name from Europe and that name is given to a male person.

Modern popularity

In the United States, the name Alexa first appeared on the chart of the top 1,000 most popular baby girl names in the year 1973. It stayed in the lower ranks of the top 1000 until 1986 when it jumped from number 815 to number 431. Popularity continued to climb and Alexa was ranked in the top 100 in the mid-1990s. According to the Social Security Administration, its highest popularity, 39th, was achieved in 2006. Amazon Echo was deemed Alexa in 2014.

Notable people with the name

Given name

  • Alexa Alemanni, American actress
  • Alexa Chung (born 1983), British TV presenter
  • Alexa Curtis (born 2004), Australian singer, winner of The Voice Kids Australia
  • Alexa Davalos (born 1982), French-American actress
  • Alexa Davies (born 1995), British actress
  • Alexa Dectis (born 1993), American actress
  • Alexa Demara (born 1989), American actress
  • Alexa Glatch (born 1989), American tennis player
  • Alexa Goddard (born 1988), British singer
  • Alexa Hampton (born 1971), American entrepreneur
  • Alexa Havins (born 1980), American actress
  • Alexa Hepburn, Reader in Conversation Analysis in the Social Sciences Department at Loughborough University
  • Alexa Hirschfeld (born 1985), American entrepreneur
  • Alexa Hunt (born 1942), American author
  • Alexa Ilacad (born 2000), Filipina actress
  • Alexa Ray Joel (born 1985), singer-songwriter and daughter of Billy Joel
  • Alexa Junge, American screenwriter
  • Alexa Kenin (1962–1985), American actress
  • Alexa Komarnycky (born 1989), Canadian swimmer
  • Alexa Loo (born 1972), Canadian snowboarder
  • Alexa McDonough (born 1944), Canadian politician
  • Alexa Moreno (born 1994), Mexican artistic gymnast
  • Alexa Nikolas (born 1992), American actress
  • Alexa von Porembsky (1906–1981), German actor
  • Alexa Sand, American art history professor
  • Alexa Scimeca (born 1991), American pair skater
  • Alexa Still, Australian musician
  • Alexa Stirling (1897-1977), American golf player
  • Alexa Suelzer (born 1918), American author
  • Alexa Vega (born 1988), Colombian American actress
  • Alexa Von Tobel (born 1984), founder and CEO of
  • Alexa Wilkinson, American singer and musician
  • Alexa Woodward, American indie/folk singer and songwriter


  • Alexa Bliss, ring name of professional wrestler Alexis Kaufman (born 1991)
  • Alexa Lexington from MySims, MySims Kingdom, and MySims Agents
  • Alexa Papadopolous, a character from the Degrassi series.
  • Alexa, one of the characters from the Diva Starz toy line
  • Alexa Smith, character in EastEnders
  • Alexa Woods, character in Alien vs. Predator
  • Alexa, character in Barbie & the Diamond Castle


  • Dan Alexa (born 1979), Romanian footballer
  • Kate Alexa (born 1988), Australian singer
  • AleXa (born 1996), South Korean American singer

    Pros and Cons of having the name Alexa


  • it can be unique
  • Easy to spell
  • Its pretty
  • Having cute nicknames like Lex, Lexi and Lexa


  • Constantly receiving Amazon Alexa jokes
  • Can't find it on a key chain
  • Everyone assumes your name is short for something
  • People confuse it for Alexis
  • Substitute teachers always assume its Alexis, Alex or Alexia
  • Computers think its a miss spelled word
  • Popularity of name has been declining since 2014 (the release of the Amazon Alexa)