Albany County Sheriff's Department (New York)

The Albany County Sheriff's Department (ACSD), is a full-service law enforcement agency servicing the citizens of Albany County, New York. The ACSD has a strength of over 800 employees.


Established in the 1660s, the ACSD is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the United States.


The ACSD is divided into several units including: "...uniform patrol, criminal investigations unit, drug interdiction unit, fire investigation unit, scuba unit, crime and accident investigation unit, snowmobile unit, marine patrol, emergency response team (S.W.A.T.) unit, hostage / crisis negotiation team, emergency management unit, advanced life support unit, bicycle patrol unit, K-9 Unit, traffic safety unit, STOP DWI unit, civil unit, court security and inmate transportation unit, forensic unit, emergency medical services unit (Paramedics), County fire coordinators unit, domestic violence and special victims unit, and a search and rescue unit." Along with traditional law enforcement, the ACSD is directed to maintain security at the Albany County Courthouse, Albany County Judicial Center and Albany County Family Court. The ACSD is also contracted as the law enforcement agency for the Albany International Airport located in Colonie, New York.


The Albany County Sheriff's Department is also responsible for housing inmates at the Albany County Correctional Center. Built in 1931, the county jail is the fifth-largest county correctional facility in the state. The jail contains 1,029 beds and has a staff of over 420 sworn and civilian. The jail admits over 7,000 inmates per year and averages a daily population of over 800.

This jail has a contract with New York City to accept prisoners from their facilities. Press reports have indicated juveniles from the city have been beaten and placed in isolation in Albany, practices forbidden in the city.


Like the Albany Police Department the Albany County Sheriff's Department issues the Glock 22 .40 S&W semi-automatic pistol. The Colt AR-15 5.56×45mm NATO is the patrol rifle used by deputies. The Beretta Cx4 Storm chambered for .40 S&W is also utilized for certain assignments.