Adiós (Spanish for "Goodbye"), or Adios, may refer to:



  • Adios (Böhse Onkelz album), 2004
  • Adiós (Flans album), 1990
  • Adiós (Glen Campbell album), the final album by Glen Campbell, 2017
  • Adios (KMFDM album), 1999
  • Adios: The Greatest Hits, the final album by Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline


  • "Adiós" (Ricky Martin song), 2014
  • "Adiós", a song by Don Omar
  • "Adios", a song composed by Enric Madriguera, performed instrumentally by Glenn Miller Orchestra, Billy May, and others
  • "Adiós", a song by Glen Campbell from Adiós
  • "Adiós", a song by Argentine singer Gustavo Cerati from the album Ahí vamos
  • "Adiós", a song by Mexican duet Jesse & Joy from their studio album Electricidad
  • "Adiós", a song by Juan Gabriel from his studio album Siempre en Mi Mente
  • "Adiós", a song by Kany García from her eponymous album
  • "Adiós", a song by La Oreja de Van Gogh from their album Lo Que te Conté Mientras te Hacías la Dormida
  • "Adios", a song by Migos from Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas)
  • "Adios", a song by Nellie McKay from the album Home Sweet Mobile Home
  • "Adiós", a song by German band Rammstein from the album Mutter
  • "Adiós", a song by Mexican group RBD from their last studio album Para Olvidarte de Mí

    Other uses

  • Adios (horse), a champion harness racing sire
  • Adiós, Navarre
  • Adios (poet), lived ca. 350 BCE
  • A pair of Adio (company) skate shoes, or other apparel made by the company
  • Adios Live CD, a Linux distribution based on Fedora Core
  • Automatic distillation of structure (ADIOS), an algorithm for grammar induction
  • ADIOS (Adaptable I/O System), a flexible I/O library designed to help manage scientific data at scale