A Story

A Story is an album by Yoko Ono, recorded in 1974, during the "lost weekend" sessions in which John Lennon produced Walls and Bridges. It was unreleased until the 1992 box set Onobox, which featured material from A Story on disc six. It was only properly released as an individual album 23 years later in 1997, with the reissuing of Ono's back catalogue by Rykodisc. The reissue added three bonus tracks, including home demos and a live recording from the Starpeace tour.

Track listing

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Track information

Many of the tracks on A Story made it onto subsequent albums in a re-recorded form:
  • "Loneliness" and "Tomorrow May Never Come" were included on It's Alright (I See Rainbows).
  • "Will You Touch Me", "Dogtown" and "She Gets Down on Her Knees" were included on Season of Glass.
  • "Hard Times Are Over" was included on Double Fantasy.
  • "It Happened" was released as a different mix as the B-side to "Walking on Thin Ice".
  • "Yes, I'm a Witch" was included on, and gave its title to, Yes, I'm a Witch, a remix album of songs from Ono's back catalogue.


  • Yoko Ono - vocals, backing vocals
  • Ann E. Sutton, Erin Dickins, Gail Kantor, Louise Messina - backing vocals
  • David Spinozza, Hugh McCracken - guitar
  • Gordon Edwards - bass guitar
  • Kenneth Ascher, Leon Pendarvis - keyboards
  • Arthur Jenkins - percussion
  • Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone
  • Alan Rubin, Randy Brecker - trumpet
  • Lew Delgatto - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
  • George Young - flute, clarinet
  • Rick Marotta - drums


  • David Spinozza, Rob Stevens, Yoko Ono - producers
  • Ed Sprigg, Jack Douglas - recording
  • George Marino, Rob Stevens - remastering
  • Kevin Herron - engineer
  • Ed Sprigg, Roy Cicala - mixing
  • Black + Copper, Cindy Nelson - design [CD Package]
  • Karla Merrifield - illustration [Hand Tinting]

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