4th Illinois General Assembly

The 4th Illinois General Assembly, consisting of the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives, met from November 15, 1824, to January 18, 1825, and again from January 2, 1826, to January 18, 1826, at The Vandalia State House. The apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives was based on the provisions of the First Illinois Constitution. Political parties were not established in the State at the time.

The 4th General Assembly was preceded by the 3rd Illinois General Assembly, and was succeeded by the 5th Illinois General Assembly.


This list is arranged by chamber, then by county. Senators and Representatives were both allotted to counties roughly by population and elected at-large within their districts.


Bond County
  • Francis Kirkpatrick

    Crawford County
  • Daniel Parker

    Edwards County
  • Stephen Bliss

    Gallatin County
  • Michael Jones

    Greene County
  • Thomas Carlin (elected in special election December 13, 1824)

    Hamilton County'
  • Thomas Sloo

    Jackson County
  • Joseph Duncan

    Johnson County
  • John Ewing

    Madison County
  • Theophilus W. Smith (resigned after first session)
  • Joseph Conway (second session)

    Monroe County
  • Joseph A. Beaird

    Pope County
  • Lewis Barker

    Randolph County
  • Raphael Widen

    'Sangamon County
  • Stephen Stillman

    St. Clair County
  • James Lemen

    Union County
  • John Grammar

    Washington County
  • Andrew Bankson

    'Wayne County
  • James Bird

    White County
  • Daniel Hay

    House of Representatives

    'Alexander County
  • Henry L. Webb

    Bond County
  • John Russell

    Clark County
  • William B. Archer

    Crawford County
  • David Stewart
  • David McGahey

    Edwards County
  • Henry Utter

    Fayette County, Illinois
  • John A. Wakefield

    Franklin County
  • Thomas Dorris

    Gallatin County
  • Timothy Gara

    Jackson County
  • Conrad Will

    '''Jefferson County
  • Zadok Casey

    Johnson County
  • John Bridges

    Lawrence County
  • Asa Norton

    Madison County
  • Curtis Brakeman
  • George Churchill
  • William Otwell

    Monroe County
  • Gerge Forquer
  • Thomas James

    ''Pike County
  • Nicholas Hansen
  • Levi Roberts

    Pope County
  • William Sims
  • James A. Whiteside

    Randolph County
  • Gabriel Jones
  • Elias K. Kane
  • Thomas Mather
  • Samuel Smith
  • Samuel Walker

    'Sangamon County
  • William S. Hamilton

    St. Clair County
  • David Blackwell
  • Risden Moore
  • Abraham Eyman

    Union County
  • John Whiteaker
  • John Hacker

    Washington County
  • Philo Beers

    Wayne County
  • Rigdon B. Slocum

    White County
  • William McHenry
  • George R. Logan
  • Alexander Phillips



  • Secretary: Emanuel J. West
  • Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk: Albert G. Sloo
  • Sergeant at Arms: Benjamin Ogle (second session: Thomas Higgins)

    House of Representatives

  • Clerk: Charles Dunn
  • Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk: R.P. Allen
  • Doorkeeper: James S. Smith (second session: Thomas Redman)