4th Canadian Screen Awards

The 4th Canadian Screen Awards was held on March 13, 2016, to honour achievements in Canadian film, television, and digital media production in 2015.

Nominations were announced on January 19, 2016. Awards in many of the technical categories were presented in a series of galas over the week before the main ceremony.

During the ceremony, host Norm Macdonald suggested the award be called the Candy in honour of late Canadian actor John Candy, comparable to the Academy Awards long being known as Oscars. The nickname has still not been officially adopted by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, although Academy chair Martin Katz personally endorsed it in a follow-up interview with the Toronto Star.


Leading into the March 13 ceremony, comedian Steve Patterson hosted a special called The Great Canadian Screen Test, quizzing people in the streets of Toronto about the nominated films and who they thought should win the awards in various categories.





News and information


Craft awards




Digital media

Multiple nominations and awards

Special awards

Several special awards were given:
  • Board of Directors' Tribute: Ivan Fecan
  • Digital Media Trailblazing Award: Ana Serrano
  • Earle Grey Award: Wendy Crewson
  • Fan Choice Award: Yannick Bisson
  • Gordon Sinclair Award: Mark Starowicz
  • Humanitarian Award: Performing Arts Lodges
  • Legacy Award: Eugene Levy
  • Legacy Award: Catherine O'Hara
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Martin Short
  • Margaret Collier Award: Karen Walton
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: Router-Based Production Audio Design of Much Music Video Awards