232nd Signal Regiment (Italy)

The 232nd Signal Regiment ( 232° Reggimento Trasmissioni ) is a deployable signals regiment of the Italian Army based in Avellino in Campania. Today the regiment is administratively assigned to the army's Signal Command and affiliated with the Division "Acqui".


For its conduct and work after the 1976 Friuli earthquake the 232nd Signal Battalion "Fadalto" was awarded a Bronze Medal of Army Valour, which was affixed to the battalion's war flag and added to the battalion's coat of arms.

Current Structure

As of 2019 the 232nd Signal Regiment consists of:

  • 30px Regimental Command, in Avellino
  • Command and Logistic Support Company
  • Battalion "Legnano"
  • 1st Signal Company
  • 2nd Signal Company
  • 3rd Signal Company
  • Battalion "Fadalto"
  • 4th Signal Company
  • 5th Signal Company
  • 6th Signal Company

    The Command and Logistic Support Company fields the following platoons: C3 Platoon, Transport and Materiel Platoon, Medical Platoon, and Commissariat Platoon.