1992 Montenegrin independence referendum

The 1992 Montenegrin independence referendum was the first referendum regarding Montenegrin independence. 421,549 citizens were registered voters.

The question put to the electorate was, roughly translated:

Are you in favor of Montenegro, as a sovereign republic, continuing to live in a common state - Yugoslavia, fully equal to other republics that wish the same?

The electorate chose to remain within Yugoslavia. 95.96% of voters voted Yes, 63.17% of the electorate voted Yes, with a voter turnout of 66.04%.



  • Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Supporters:
  • People's Party (NS)
  • Serbian Radical Party (SRS)

    Independence (boycott)

  • Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (LSCG)
  • Democratic League in Montenegro (DSCG) Supporters:
  • Social Democratic Party of Reformists (SDPR)
  • Socialist Party (SP)



    Registered Voters: 421,549

  • Total: 278,382 (66.04%)
  • Yes votes: 266,273 (95.96%)
  • No votes: 8,755 (3.14%)

    By municipality

    Source: Centre for Monitoring