1833 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1833.


  • January – The Knickerbocker is established by Charles Fenno Hoffman as The Knickerbacker: or, New-York monthly magazine.
  • c. January – Richard Bentley (publisher) issues the first collected edition of Jane Austen's novels.
  • February 16Victor Hugo and Juliette Drouet begin a fifty-year affair. This is recorded in his novel Les Misérables (1862) as the date of Marius and Cosette's wedding night (Part V, Book 6, Chapter 1).
  • March 16Parley's Magazine, an American periodical for young readers, publishes its first issue in Boston.
  • March 25Edmund Kean, playing Othello to the Iago of his son, Charles Kean, collapses on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, London, and dies two months later.
  • June 10 – The Dramatic Authors Act passed in the United Kingdom grants playwrights copyright in their work.
  • Summer – George Sand and Alfred de Musset begin a two-year affair, recorded in their respective novels Elle et lui (1859) and La Confession d'un Enfant du Siècle (1836).
  • September 15 – The English poet Arthur Henry Hallam, a close friend of Tennyson and engaged to be married to his sister Emily), dies suddenly of a brain haemorrhage in Vienna aged 22. This year Tennyson writes "Ulysses" in his memory (completed October 20; published in Poems of 1842), "Tithon" (an early version of "Tithonus") and "The Two Voices" (originally entitled "Thoughts of a Suicide"). He begins "Morte d'Arthur" (published 1842) and "Tiresias" (published 1885). In 1850 he will publish In Memoriam A.H.H.
  • October 3 – The Anglo-Irish actress Harriet Smithson marries the French composer Hector Berlioz in a civil ceremony at the British Embassy in Paris.
  • December 1Charles Dickens' first published work of fiction, "A Dinner at Poplar Walk", is the first item in what will become Sketches by Boz. It appears unsigned in the Monthly Magazine (London).

    Uncertain dates
  • Alphonse de Lamartine is elected a député of France.
  • Publication begins in England of The Penny Cyclopædia of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, edited by George Long.
  • The first of the Bridgewater Treatises, examining science in relation to God, is published in England.
  • The first complete German translation of Shakespeare's plays appears: Shakespeares Dramatische Werke, by Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel, Ludwig Tieck and his daughter Dorothea, and Wolf Heinrich Graf von Baudissin.
  • Mrs Favell Lee Mortimer's instructional text The Peep of Day, or, A series of the earliest religious instruction the infant mind is capable of receiving appears in England. It will sell a million copies in 38 languages.
  • The first printing press in Jerusalem is set up in the Armenian Quarter.

    New books


  • Honoré de Balzac
  • Eugenie Grandet
  • Ferragus
  • Le Médecin de campagne (The Country Doctor)
  • Edward BulwerGodolphin
  • Thomas CarlyleSartor Resartus (first book publication)
  • Massimo D'AzeglioEttore Fieramosca
  • Benjamin DisraeliAlroy
  • Henry Wadsworth LongfellowOutre-Mer
  • Alfred de Musset (attributed) – Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès (Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess)
  • Aleksandr PushkinEugene Onegin («Евге́ний Оне́гин», verse novel, first complete book publication)
  • George Sand
  • Andréa
  • Jacques
  • Kouroglou / Épopée Persane
  • Lelia
  • Leone Leoni
  • Mattéa
  • Michael ScottTom Cringle's Log

    Children and young people

  • Agnes StricklandHistorical Tales of Illustrious British Children


  • Joseph Freiherr von EichendorffThe Wooers
  • Aleksander FredroMaidens' Vows, or the Magnetism of the Heart (Śluby panieńskie, czyli magnetyzm serca)
  • Aleksander GriboyedovWoe from Wit («Горе от ума», published posthumously with cuts)
  • Victor Hugo
  • Lucrezia Borgia
  • Marie Tudor
  • Johann NestroyLumpaziva gabundus
  • Eugène ScribeBertrand et Raton, ou l'art de conspirer


  • Robert BrowningPauline
  • Hartley ColeridgePoems, songs and sonnets
  • Wilhelm Hey (anonymously) – Fünfzig Fabeln für Kinder (Fifty Fables for Children)
  • Alfred TennysonPoems (including "The Lady of Shalott", 1st version)
  • See also 1833 in poetry


  • Franz BoppVergleichende Grammatik des Sanskrit, Zend, Griechischen, Lateinischen, Litthauischen, Altslawischen, Gotischen und Deutschen (Comparative Grammar of Sanskrit, Zend (Avestan), Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Old Slavonic, Gothic and German, first part)
  • Godfrey HigginsAnacalypsis
  • Charles LambLast Essays of Elia
  • Webster's Revision of the Bible


  • January 23Lewis Morris, Anglo-Welsh poet (died 1907)
  • May 27Hester Martha Poole, American writer, poet, and art critic (died 1932)
  • June 19Mary Tenney Gray, American editorial writer, club-woman, philanthropist, and suffragette (died 1904)
  • July 9Florence Marryat, English novelist and entertainer (died 1899)
  • August 9Emily Pepys, English child diarist (died 1877)
  • August 12Lillie Devereux Blake, American writer and reformer (died 1913)
  • August 20Vasile Pogor, Romanian poet, scholar and politician (died 1906)
  • October 19Adam Lindsay Gordon, Australian poet, jockey and politician (died 1870)
  • October 8Edmund Clarence Stedman, American poet and critic (died 1908)
  • October 21Alfred Nobel, Swedish inventor and entrepreneur, creator of the Nobel Prize (died 1896)
  • November 2Horace Howard Furness, American Shakespearean scholar (died 1912)
  • November 6Jonas Lie, Norwegian writer (died 1908)
  • November 9Émile Gaboriau, French writer (died 1873)
  • December 27Larin Paraske, Izhorian oral poet (died 1904)


  • January 14Gottlob Ernst Schulze, German philosopher (born 1761)
  • February 3Nikolay Gnedich, Russian poet and translator (born 1784)
  • February 4John O'Keeffe, Irish dramatist (born 1747)
  • March 7Rahel Varnhagen, German literary hostess (born 1771)
  • March 11Franz Passow, German classicist and lexicographer (born 1786)
  • April 13Elisa von der Recke, German poet (born 1754)
  • May 10François Andrieux, French man of letters and dramatist (born 1759)
  • May 15Edmund Kean, English Shakespearean actor (born 1787)
  • August 25Jean-Louis Laya, French dramatist (born 1761)
  • September 7Hannah More, English religious writer and philanthropist (born 1745)
  • September 15Arthur Hallam, English poet (born 1811)
  • October 4Maria Jane Jewsbury (Fletcher), English writer, poet and reviewer, dies in India (born 1800)