1641 in poetry

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  • Charles de Sainte-Maure, duc de Montausier presented Guirlande de Julie, a manuscript of 41 madrigals to Julie d'Angennes this year (although the manuscript was not published in full until 1729 in poetry); five of the madrigals were written by Sainte-Maure; the other authors were Georges de Scudéry, Germain Habert, Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, Valentin Conrart, Chapelain, Racan, Tallemant des Réaux, Antoine Godeau, Robert Arnauld d'Andilly and Simon Arnauld de Pomponne; France

    Works published

    Great Britain

  • Thomas Beedome, Poems Divine, and Humane
  • John Day, The Parliament of Bees, verse drama, first known edition, published posthumously
  • Martin Parker, The Poet's Blind Mans Bough; or, Have Among You My Blind Harpers
  • Sir Thomas Urquhart, Epigrams: Divine and Moral
  • George Wither, Haleluiah; or, Britans [sic] Second Remembrancer (see also Britains Remembrancer 1628)


  • Marie de Gournay, also known as Marie le Jars, demoiselle de Gournay, Les Avis et presents, including a feminist tract, translations, moral essays and verse; second revision (original version, Ombre 1626; revised and retitled, 1634), France


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  • February 4 – Jerolim Kavanjin (died 1714), Croatian poet
  • April 8 (bapt.)William Wycherley (died 1716), English playwright and poet
  • June 15 – Bernard de la Monnoye (died 1728), French lawyer, poet, philologue and critic


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  • January 11 – Juan de Jáuregui (born 1583), Spanish poet, scholar and painter
  • August 16 – Thomas Heywood (born sometime early 1570s), English playwright, actor, poet and author
  • August – Sir William Vaughan (born 1575), Welsh writer, poet and colonial investor
  • Francesca Caccini (born 1587), Italian early Baroque composer, singer, lutenist, poet and music teacher
  • Arthur Johnston (born c. 1579), Scottish poet and physician