11th Armoured Cavalry Division

The 11th "Lubuska" Armoured Cavalry Division ( 11 Lubuska Dywizja Kawalerii Pancernej ) is an armoured division of the Polish Land Forces, which traces its history to the formation of the 11th Infantry Division of the Polish Armed Forces in the East in 1945.


The 11th Armoured Cavalry Division draws its history in a straight line from the formation in March and April 1945, in the region of Łódź of the 11th Infantry Division.

In March 1949, on the basis of the 11th Infantry Division, the 6th Tank Regiment, and the 25th Armored Artillery Regiment, the 11th Motorised Infantry Division was formed. The division became a part of the 2nd Armoured Corps. The 11th Motorised Infantry Division was authorized 10,028 soldiers, 76 medium tanks, 21 assault guns, 5 armoured cars, 73 76-mm artillery pieces, 26 122-mm howitzers, 90 82-mm mortars, and 60 120-mm mortars. This unit was structured and quartered as:In 1950 the division was reorganized as the 11th "Dresden" Mechanised Division, and authorized 7,636 soldiers, 138 medium tanks, 19 assault guns, 15 armoured cars, 26 122-mm howitzers, 40 76-mm artillery pieces, nine 57-mm antitank guns, 21 37-mm anti-aircraft guns, 40 82-mm mortars, and 54 120-mm mortars. On September 4, 1956, the 2nd Armoured Corps headquarters stood down and the 11th Division was subordinated to the command of the Silesian Military District. This iteration was structured and quartered as:In summer 1957 the reorganization of the division was carried out, and in April 1963 it reorganized as the 11th Armoured Division. In August and September 1968, the 11th Armoured Division was one of the Polish units that took part in the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. The 11th Armoured Division was structured and quartered as:In 1990 the division was reorganized as the 11th Mechanised Division. In September 1991 the division lost the distinguished name "Dresden". In July 1992, the type-designation "armoured cavalry" was granted, although the division was eventually restructured as a regular armoured division. The new type designation recalled the service of pre-war and Second World War Western Front Polish armoured units.

Current structure

As of July 2015, the division is structured and quartered in this manner:

  • 23px 11th Armoured Cavalry Division
  • 23px Divisional Headquarters and 11th Headquarters Battalion in Żagań
  • 23px10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in Świętoszów
  • 23px 17th Mechanized Brigade in Międzyrzecz
  • 23px 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in Żagań
  • 23px 4th Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Czerwieńsk
  • 25px 23rd Artillery Regiment in Bolesławiec